Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH

Danny Hindle

Danny was born and raised in Brisbane. For the first thirteen years of His life he attended a Salvation Army Corp before his parent transferred to a Baptist Church.

He heard the gospel regularly throughout His teen years but it wasn’t until He was nineteen that he was faced with the full weight of His sin and found refuge and shelter in the glory and peace one could find in Christ.

Danny met His (now) wife Joanna when He was nineteen and at the time Joanna was attending Grace Bible Church.  Danny was struck by the genuine nature of fellowship at Grace Bible Church and the people’s passion for holiness and Christlikeness.  When they we’re married in 2007 they decided to make Grace Bible Church their spiritual home and have been at the church for over 10 years.

Danny works as a full-time nurse and has served as an Intern at the Church, running the high School Youth ministry.

Danny and Joanna have two wonderful children.  They count it as a great privilege to serve alongside the pastors at Grace Bible Church Holland Park for the Glory of God and the good of His people.