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The faithful preaching of God’s word is at the heart of our worship.  We make our sermons available here for the benefit of the members and regular attenders of Grace Bible Church Holland Park.  We would encourage you to regularly sit under the teaching of your local church.

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Fear Not!

July 2, 2023
Know that God is for you even when that is so hard to believe.
When our lives are shaped by gospel priorities, we learn the lesson of godly contentment, and the blessing of selfless giving.
To stand firm in this world, the church must be at peace with each other, in the peace of God
Christlike compassion seeks out, embraces and cares for a neighbour in all their needs
When Christ takes hold of us, He will make us holy, and He will transform us for glory
A life that is lived in devotion to Jesus is a life that can never be wasted.
What man plans for the purposes of evil, God determines and plans for the purposes of good…

God is Enough

June 11, 2023
God was enough for King David... is He enough for you?
We rejoice being in Christ by abandoning our own righteousness through works and gaining Christ's righteousness through faith in Him.
In the hardest times of our suffering and pain – Jesus is the God we can bank our hope upon because Jesus is the resurrection and the life.