Enjoying His GRACE
Knowing His BIBLE
Building His CHURCH
The only hope for sinners is that God has graciously and unfairly chosen to accept a sacrifice to atone for our sin and satisfy His wrath.

Collateral Damage

March 16, 2014
The consequences of our sin affect everything and everyone we touch. Part of the healing process is facing the daunting task of dealing with those affected by our sin.
Being a parent is hard. Even David, a man after God’s own heart struggled to parent wisely. We need to make sure our parenting is a priority in our lives or we…
If we do not guard our hearts and spiritual lives even the greatest of Christians can fall into any sin with horrendous consequences. But even then the grace of God is magnificent.

We’ll Ever Be Royals

February 16, 2014
God’s covenant with David was fulfilled in the coming of the sinless King, Jesus. And this covenant is not just for David, it is for all who will have faith in Christ.