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The faithful preaching of God’s word is at the heart of our worship.  We make our sermons available here for the benefit of the members and regular attenders of Grace Bible Church Holland Park.  We would encourage you to regularly sit under the teaching of your local church.

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A gospel without the resurrection is anything but good news
Jesus endured God's wrath without mercy so we could endure God's mercy without wrath
Everything in our corporate worship must be done decently and in order to ensure His voice alone is heard.
The Word made flesh, has come into the world to display the greater grace of the Gospel, given in glory, grace, and truth.
The Light of the World requires a faithful witness because the world in its condition of sin suffers from such spiritual blindness.
We have been made by Jesus and for Jesus to enter into the fullness of eternal life!
Cultivate gospel gratitude for God's powerful work in the true gospel.

Hope From the Depths

February 28, 2021
In the depths of our sin, our only hope is in the unfailing love and forgiveness of the LORD
Incomplete communication of God’s word without understanding is a recipe for chaos. Accurate communication of God’s word with understanding is a basis for edification.

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