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The faithful preaching of God’s word is at the heart of our worship.  We make our sermons available here for the benefit of the members and regular attenders of Grace Bible Church Holland Park.  We would encourage you to regularly sit under the teaching of your local church.

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Past Sermons

Dealing with Despair

January 23, 2022
When darkness hides God's lovely face - remember and rest on his unchanging grace.
Have you submitted to and taken refuge in King Jesus?
There is only ever 2 ways to live and die - which path will you take?

Joy Comes In The Morning

January 2, 2022
Because of Christ – the weeping of night will end in the joy of morning.
We must honour the Son because of His ability to give life and to judge.
Christmas is God doing the impossible

God With Us

December 12, 2021
God enters history in Jesus to be with us so He can fold us into His story.
The good news of Christmas demands an appropriate response.
Christmas is the wonder of God's grace in the gift of his Son.
Jesus comes as Lord of the Sabbath for the weary, withered, and waiting.
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