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The faithful preaching of God’s word is at the heart of our worship.  We make our sermons available here for the benefit of the members and regular attenders of Grace Bible Church Holland Park.  We would encourage you to regularly sit under the teaching of your local church.

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What is it that stirs the heart of the psalmist as he considers a noble theme? Listen to this exposition of Psalm 45 to find out.
Marriage and singleness are both opportunities to serve God and His people.

I Am the Good Shepherd

August 11, 2019
Jesus is not just A shepherd, but the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd Gave His Life for you. So trust him with everything you’ve got. The Good Shepherd Knows and…
Following Jesus means giving up our kingdom to gain His kingdom.

I Am the Gate

August 3, 2019
Jesus is the Gate. He is the way to God and the ONLY way to him. Enter Jesus for abundant, eternal life.
What does a sweet & glorious redemption cost God? Find out in this final chapter of the most beautiful short story ever written!
Jesus is God and lights the way to eternal life.
Richard preaches through the second parable in Matthew 13 - the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds. He explores what the parable means, and what the mission of the church…
Immorality is a unique sin because it unites the body of Christ in the sin.
Richard preaches on the Parable of the Sower and looks at how the kingdom advances through the spread of the word about the kingdom
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