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The faithful preaching of God’s word is at the heart of our worship.  We make our sermons available here for the benefit of the members and regular attenders of Grace Bible Church Holland Park.  We would encourage you to regularly sit under the teaching of your local church.

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God's Word is reliable whoever we are and wherever He sends us.
God has spoken so we are not left in the dark.
When seeking a godly spouse; the Lord's primary will is that you be holy, by the power of the Spirit, for the glory of God...
A humble husband’s strength is for sacrificial service in loving and leading his wife.
A Wife’s Submission to her Husband is a glorious picture of her faith and confidence in God.

Envy Not the Wicked

October 15, 2023
When envious of the wicked - look to Christ who makes all things right!
Our only hope in life and death comes through a Suffering Saviour and our future glory with Him.
God’s judgement is coming – God’s judgement is consuming – but God’s judgment is avoidable for those who seek refuge in Him…
God’s plan from eternity past was to call one flock with one shepherd to dwell with Him forever. The church is the New Covenant part of this one flock. We…